Dearest Friend,

You won’t believe it, because I am still trying to wrap my head around it, but here it is: I am going to East Asia this summer! My plan to go somewhere this summer began as a bud of an idea that has bloomed into a 7 week trip to East Asia where I will be volunteering at a bakery that serves as a half-way home for women who have been rescued from human trafficking.

Each day I grow in excitement. I am beginning to take note of all of the comforts I have here in America that I will not be able to take with me. Today it was driving around in my car, cruising to my favorite parts of the city. Yesterday it was painting and receiving advice from my roommate. Tomorrow it will be something new, something different, something I haven’t noticed before. Something good.

But the good isn’t limited to here. Good doesn’t end with a different country, with a different language, with different people. If anything, this is where the good and wonderful begins. Good starts by looking at new experiences with an open mind.

Surely the good isn’t always good and wonderful. And most certainly the new isn’t always the easiest. However, this is an opportunity where I will be able to be molded, shaped, and formed into who I am supposed to become and how I am supposed to love the people around me.

At the bakery, as I work with my hands, I will be reminded that I am being worked into a new creation. And that is good. Learning how to love in humility, putting the interests of others above my own, is always good. And I am so excited to go.

In order to receive the money I need to go on my trip, I will be creating small and simple water color paintings with a short hand-written, personal poem (like the ones above, although these are without the text). I will be painting these by donation so if you would like a painting + poem please indicate so and send me an email. OR, if you would just like to simply donate, please indicate that as well in the email.

Once I receive your email, I will send you the information on how to donate. You can email me at: hannahblaisdell@yahoo.com

With Love, Hannah


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twenty-something learning to become His daughter

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